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Here at the studio, free yourself & the band to record as you please. We sport a wonderful vocal booth, a drum kit with one of the best sounding drum rooms in Los Angeles, and a full mixing board with knowledgeable Engineers on hand. Piano, bass, guitars, various percussion, and other instruments are procurable for play. You’re welcome to schedule a session 24 hours a day, seven nights a week.


Need your tracks mixed and/or mastered? Or would you rather mix on your own accord in our comfortable space? We’re happy to help. With an enormous amount of plugins & top-of-the-art sonic equipment, our experienced Engineers will have your songs sounding radio-ready & professionally polished. Please contact the studio for rates and more information.


If you have a project that needs to come together, we have a multitude of producers ready to bring your tracks/album to ideal fruition. The creation is endless here at Talented Studios, and we have a renowned team of musicians at post to help in the process. Whether you require a drummer to rock out, or a bassist to keep the groove, we have a cultivated & passionate desire to help produce your artistry. Inquire further to realize details.